Thursday, April 16, 2009


Some rides are harder than others.
EASY: 50-60 miles

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On Saturday we had a great ride from Kentfield to Fairfax to Pt Reyes to Inverness to Nicasio then back home. The hills seemed easier, the legs felt stronger, the mind was clearer. A fantastic 55 miles in beautiful sunshine.

HARD: 20 miles

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Last night my weekly routine up Tunnel Rd almost killed me. My legs were useless up the hills, the gear shifting never gave a break. We rode slowly and added a few miles to this weeks route. Above is the terrain version of the map so you can get a sense of the up & down.

It was good to get out & push through it but I didn't feel good doing it. Thankfully there is the reward of the sweeping views at the top.

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