Thursday, June 12, 2008

Feel The Burn

The elliptical machine is my new friend. The first time I tried this machine it felt so awkward but last night I felt in balance & at home.

I started the workout session with 20 minutes on the bike, got bored. I dared to try the elliptical again. I finished 30 minutes on the elliptical (2 min. sections going forward & then reverse, increasing incline & resistance every 4 mins). By the end I had a great sweat going and a bit of muscle ache. I know why people dig that contraption. The workout finished in the weight room doing a few machines of arms & legs and a stretch.

I only have 45 day free pass and I feel like I'm not going to get the most out of the freebies. Life is busy but I'll get to the gym as often as possible. Unfortunately that might be only 1x/week. Better than nothing I guess. It's not that I'm not working out on the other six days. We continue to have the 3.2 mile run around Lake Merritt on Tuesdays. I've also got time to play soccer again and I scheduled a few hikes with the dogs.

So summer will be a mish/mash of exercise. Apparently the cycle season begins on Aug 2. Soon I will be sharing stories of that crazy adventure.

Back to work!

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