Thursday, May 29, 2008

What is....?

The large plasma screens set up in front of the bikes at the gym help to pass the time. Last night I finished my workout while watching an episode of Jeopardy! Is it poor gym etiquette to blurt the answers out loud? Too bad. This gym isn't high class. I've only been twice but let me tell you these gym rats are low on work-out manners.

At the center of the gym there is a nautilus circuit where you move from machine to machine and do one minute on each. There is a sign explaining this. Each machine is numbered. So you should wait for machine "1" to be free work for 60 seconds then move to the next, until you complete the circuit. If you want to do your 5 reps at your own pace please move to the free weights room in the back. Don't jump from "1" to "4" to "8" Also, don't sit on the machine to cool down & catch your breath. Sheesh people.

But I got a good 1.5 hour workout in which was good because our team blew off the buddy run Tues. By the time I got home & showered I was starving. Funny that.

Tonight the plan is to take the doggies out on a hike since I'm leaving them unsupervised for the weekend. It's the least I can do to keep them happy.

Another post will arrive on Monday.

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