Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sexy Legs

In one last attempt to run without leg pains I've invested in compression wraps for my shins. I think they work. I've worn them for the last two weeks and my shin splints aren't too bad. My calf cramping has also lessened. I am such a bad stretcher & my chiro tells me I've got genetically tight muscles. Perhaps I'm doomed to a life of stiff & sore legs. Alas.

It's the last week of real running before the week of rest leading up to race day. On saturday I was supposed to get in 10-12 miles but I was out of town celebrating my mom's 70th birthday. So I broke the mileage down to three 3 mile runs on Sat, Sun & Mon. My legs were really tired after last nights run but feel pretty good today.

I'm a little bit nervous about the race on 10/21 since the longest run I've done in training this season was 6 miles. Hopefully the adrenaline & my will-power will get me across the finish line!

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