Monday, October 1, 2007

Freakishly Strong

I wanted to share an excerpt from our Honoree Update Team Brenda...freakishly Strong
Week of Sept. 24, 2007

Hi Team!
I was overjoyed at receiving bags full of goodies from the team, and I put them to use immediately. The blanket, fuzzy socks, and pj's were such a welcome addition to my hospital life, and I loved my collection of creams and shower gels, not to mention the candy and other great gifts like a much-needed diary! I felt like a kid at Christmas! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and also for all your best wishes. It not only means a lot to me, but my mother was so happy to see that there is such incredible support and warmth to draw on.

Right now, I am back in the hospital for a quick round, round number 3 (less than 5 days hospitalization). I am doing as well as can be hoped but dreading the upcoming rounds as they are long and, with respect to round 5, involve around 3 weeks in the hospital. I have been sleeping a lot--more than the average cat--and continue to criticize the food here. I am sorry I haven't been able to meet TNTers in my time away from the hospital but please know that I think of the team often, look forward to meeting you all, and that I wish the runners and walkers the best and love to hear how you are all doing. ~Suhani

Because of your financial support TNT was able to support Suhani during her time in the hospital receiving treatments. THANK YOU!

The rest of our honorees are doing quite well also.
- Adriana is the fastest runner in her class. She's cut her mile time to 7:06. She was also recently black belted!
- Vanessa is so busy her update was only one sentence long - apparently she's having too much fun playing soccer.
- Michael (age 60) is training for the Nike FULL marathon! Don't I feel like a chump only running 13.1.
- Kyle is now in the maintenance mode of chemo (daily oral chemo for a couple of years)& getting back into the routine of school.
- Cole's mom will be running Nike to celebrate what would be Cole's 5th birthday.

Today marks the countdown to the race. I have 20 days left to train! eeek.

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