Thursday, August 14, 2008

... and now back to our regularly scheduled charity

I spent the past 10 days in the hot LA sun, painting a house - no shade in sight. I wore sunscreen, I wore a hat, I protected my delicate skin. On the drive home we camped in Big Sur - it was foggy - typical of the CA coast. In one 2hour nap on the overcast beach my face ended up burned to a crisp. I even have little spots of burn on my feet, in the pattern of my Keens. Great! Anyway the work we did in LA was good and we all had a fantastic time.

Now I'm home and ready to focus on this bike riding thing. I missed the first team orientation and ride. This weekend I'm joining a 20 mile buddy ride in SF - I assume along the Great Hwy. I'm nervous and excited to begin.

You have all been great support as I begin this adventure. Lots of cheers and even more generous with the donations. THANK YOU for all the donations that arrived during my travels:

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