Monday, June 25, 2007

A nice Saturday run

Saturday morning runs! Wake up earlier than wanted. Drive to wrong park entrance. Panic because I gave my group wrong directions. Find correct location and check to make sure all in my group made it to the right place. Phew! We were scheduled for a 2-4 mile run along the Damon Marsh Trail. The sun was out and everyone was in a great mood.

In an effort to avoid the raging case of shin splints that I experienced last season I'm running the minimum distances. I knew I could do the four miles but I don't want to aggravate my legs. So I ran short & returned to the meeting spot to cheer in those who went out further. All the participants of my small group ran the full four & did great.

The weather is going to be a big difference this season. The sun was up & getting hot when we met at 8AM. I will need to carry my water bottle even on short runs during the summer. Stay hydrated or go home!

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run run run in the sun sun sun