Monday, July 2, 2007

Inspired Weekend

I was planning on running only 2 of the 2-4 mile run on Saturday but you know how plans go. My soccer buddy joined TNT and showed up for her first group run and I thought it only right to run along with her... woops. She's in much better shape and runs a bit faster than I do. After about 3/4 mile I told her to run on ahead and I'd see her at the finish line. I was distracted from the mile markers and went to the 1.5 mile turn-around point. So my 2mile plan turned into a good 3 mile run.

After the morning run I played a game of soccer (shhh don't tell coach). I took a vow of soccer poverty for the last season to avoid injury. I really missed my hooligans & the game so I promised them I'd return to light play.

On Sunday AM I met up with a TNT alumni to run Lake Merrit. About 1/2 way around I hear a distant shout "Go TEAM!" I look all around ... who said that? Then I see Coach running on the other side of the street. He is everywhere!

I still had a bug squirming about so I did 8 miles on my stationary bike while I caught up on recorded TV shows. It's great to multi-task.

My legs feel pretty good. I didn't have to stop on the lap of the lake which is a first. My shins typically burn about 3/4 of the way around. I think I'm getting stronger. Wonder if I'm getting any faster.

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EM said...

You're definitely inspiring me. I'm shooting for my first run this week since the mono thingy majig.