Monday, September 22, 2008

Exhausted Just Reading This?

Here's a quick breakdown of my weekend. I'll try to get some pictures up soon.

Friday Night: Carbo-load dinner, drink lots of water, fall asleep by 9pm

5:30 - wake up before alarm and wonder if it's worth it to fall back asleep for another 30 mins, toss & turn until alarm.
6:00 - Get out of bed. Make breakfast, 2 scrambled eggs & bowl of oatmeal. Drink water. Pack equipment.
6:30 - Load bikes into car, pick up coffee to go, drive to meet the team.
8:00 - Arrive at Pt. Reyes National Seashore. Stretch legs. Chat with friends.
8:30 - Team talk, I win a fund-raising prize (thanks to all who have given so generously), Coach Michael teaches us how to change a tire.
9:00 - We gather in our new ride packs and practice changing our own tires. I'm the first in my group to finish - It's a dirty job and not too hard. Phew & knock on wood that I don't actually have to do this on the road.
10:30 - We hit the road leaving Pt Reyes and pedaling 42+miles through Inverness, Nicassio and Olema. We learned how ride in a pace line. I learned that you can pedal slow and move uphill at the speed a sleeping sloth and make it to the top still upright & breathing.
3:30 - The finish line is in sight! Finally get off the bike, find my legs, stretch, change out of sweaty chamois, regroup with all the other ride packs.
4:00 - Wandered my way over to the Honoree Picnic to hear the stories of the honorees we are riding for this season. Two teammates riding along side me are blood cancer survivors - they are alive today because of research done by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We listened to their stories, ate some of the best burritos in the world and headed home.
6:30 - Arrive at home sweet home for a hot shower.
7:00 - realize we are too late to attend my friend Carey's fund-raising event.
8:00 - Pass out on the couch.
9:00 - Head to bed for a well deserved night of sleep.

7:00 - Wake up... still tired (physically) but no longer able to keep eyes closed. Tummy is grumbling. Wonder where I should go for breakfast & 30 mile recovery ride.
8:00 - Coffee & Noah's bagel enjoyed while reading the paper. Still wondering what to do for the 30 mile recovery ride.
12Noon - Head to the gym to ride the stationary bike - 1 hour, 18 miles are all I can handle.
1:30 - Time for another fund-raiser. My former running team-mate, Belinda is training for an Iron Man. I spend the afternoon in the park playing kick-ball, drinking beers, eating hot-dogs, chatting with friends.
8:00 - Pass out on the couch, from exhaustion not from the beers.

What did you do with your weekend?

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