Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who Knew?

Upper body strength is important in cycling. I had no idea how weak I was until this past weekend's ride. We did another 20 miler but this time hills were part of the fun.

Let me confirm what I've always expected - I've got legs. My strength has always been my lower body. I can squat a lot of weight. My legs felt fine up & down all 20 miles.

My arms wanted to detach and run for the hills. At about mile 16 I wanted to pull over & rest - I could barely hold myself up to steer. It was a struggle to lift my recovery drink (ice cold beer) to my lips. I had to ask for help to take the cap off my Chap-stick, seriously.

So I need to talk to the coaches about what to do to build up my arms. I'm also switching from a mountain bike frame to a road bike in hopes that the "fit" will ease the pressure on my spindly little limbs.

Fundraising Update: I am now at 49% of my personal fundraising goal. Please help me reach the $7,500 finish line with a donation today.

1 comment:

Jen said...

that photo is gross. you might need a bike fit. your arms should be relaxed, core strong