Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday Blues & Spring Blooms

I have followed Coach's advice and done no running or pounding exercises for the last four days. My shins still ache a bit. I bought some new shoes in hopes that they will provide some more arch support & heel cushioning. I'll let you know on Weds how they work since the next scheduled run is tomorrow night. I hope one extra day off will get me back on track.

To keep from turning back into a total lazy slug I've been doing crunches and stretches every night and I rode my exercise bike yesterday. Tonight I see the chiropractor for my first ever adjustment. I hope it helps get some of the kinks out, kinks that have been in place for a long time before the running. I follow the adjustment with 1.5hr class of stretch & strength.

The good news of the day is that I'm within $400 of my $5,000 fundraising goal. Thank you to all who have donated and a pre-emptive thanks to all who plan to give.

On another note I love this time of year. Around each turn of the road I come across a sign of spring. In particular I love the sight of the flowering trees:

Please keep Brenda D. in your prayers as she continues to struggle for breath.

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