Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who are you?

I seem to have readers all over the country. Sitereader tells me that I have visitors from Colorado, Utah, Idaho & North Carolina. I know who you are just by your location. I wonder who the regular reader is from Staten Island. If you want to expose your identity feel free to comment - I've changed the set-up so anyone can now leave a comment.

Daylight savings sure changes the scenery of Lake Merritt. Since it was still light out for the buddy run we could see where we were and who we were passing. It was such a beautiful day yesterday that EVERYONE was out on the lake. It was crowded and hard to maneuver a few times. We also ran the reverse direction so that messed with my mind a bit. I couldn't use familiar spots as landmarks for when I usually feel pain or need to stop to walk. I think that helped me run longer & farther than usual.

I'm getting stronger & faster and the run is not torture. I haven't broken the 4 mile mark yet... I guess I will on Sunday when I run an actual race - 12K (that's 7 miles for you unfamiliar with metric). I think I'll be using some ice Sunday night.

Tonight is part two of the strength & stretch class. Tomorrow another round of hill training at 5:50AM - it will be VERY DARK.

Thanks to all who've supported me and Melanie in this adventure. I'm at 71% of fundraising goal - Melanie is at 82%. We appreciate your help to cross the race & financial finish line!

PS - Another reminder of why I do this. Here's a picture of Brenda (mentioned a few posts ago) from when she was feeling a bit better & supporting TNT runners on the course. click on the image for larger view if you can't the sign:


Elizabeth said...

Hey Sarah, Good luck with your 10k. I know you will do great. You have been putting in the training required and your body and mind will respond on race day. Believe me! I know you are nervous but once the "gun" goes off just move and you will make it to the finish.

Take care,
you know who I am, right? :)

SDCrawford said...

We did a sing along to "I Will Always Love You" in a pub in Stratford-upon-Avon. I just found pics of us from our rondezvous in Switzerland

EP said...

this picture made me a little verklempt. be prepared: there will be moments like this for you when you are running you big race. it both thrilled and touched me while i was doing mine!