Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Adjustments Made

Dr. Klein spent an hour on me yesterday. Apparently I come from a genetic line of tight inflexible ancestors. I've never touched my toes. Apparently the tight muscles are the source of my shin splints & the hip problems.

After yesterday's adjustment I promise you I will never get rolfed nor will I give birth. The pain of deep tissue massage is more than I can handle. Sure I feel OK now but I don't want to go through "muscle stipping" again. No thank you.

Dr. K told me to stay off the running for another few days. I can only cross train (bike or swim) until my shins stop hurting. Maybe I should have trained for a century or the AIDS bike ride.

I'll be in LA for the next few days so no updates to the blog until next week. Thanks for checking in. See you soon.

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