Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Beware of Low Hanging Branches

Sorry for the week of silence. It was not due to the head wound from last Tuesday's run.

Last week I was wearing a hat with a head lamp attached to the bill. I was paying close attention to the roots & uneven ground at my feet and ran my head into a tree branch and landed flat on my back. No worries, just a flesh wound above my right eyebrow (a blood-free abrasion with slight lump to be exact)

The reason for the week of blog silence is that I took a week off training to travel to New Orleans. While it may have been Mardi Gras the reason for my trip was to help gut homes damaged by hurricane Katrina. I spent 3 days smashing walls and clearing homes of their destroyed belongings. Two houses we worked on hadn't been opened since the days after Katrina hit in Aug. 2005! You want to know what 2 years of sitting in wet & mud will do to your belongings and your home? I've got pictures!

I hope I didn't set my training too far back by not running for a week and eating the treats of New Orleans. I think that lost 5 lbs have found their way home. Time to train!

Thanks for checking in.

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