Friday, February 23, 2007

Comando? Really?

The Bay Area was hit with a bit of inclement weather the past few days. I was supposed to go to 5:50AM track workout yesterday for circuit drills. When I woke to pounding rain at 5AM I called in sick. Would you go out in the dark & rain to sit on a muddy track? I didn't think so.

The latest instructional email from a coach had this interesting piece of information: Choose jog bras and underwear (hopefully you are not wearing underwear unless women have an emergency need to do so) made with polypropylene, Dri-FIT, CoolMax or Gore-Tex fabrics, which wick water and sweat away from your skin.
I'm really supposed to run without underwear? I don't think so!

This weekend our training run distance is upped to 3-5 miles. How many do you think I can do?

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