Saturday, February 3, 2007

Day 1 = Two Miles!

I ran two miles today. Yay for me. I've been afraid of the first run since I signed up for this crazy thing. I did it.

We had to be at the coached run by 7:45AM. I woke at 5:30... did you know it's dark at that hour? I had laid out my outfit for the run last night so I wouldn't have to panic but when I let Granite out to pee I felt a frigid blast of air. Crap, I don't have any sweats! I found an REI silk long sleeved undershirt and a light weight windbreaker to wear.

I didn't realize how big our running team was until we got to the check-in table. About 100 others were standing around shivering & waiting for the shoe & apparel clinic to start. We learned about what shoe styles & accessories are available to us. Did you know that they sell "nip guards" to men so their shirts don't rub their nipples raw? Who knew!

After an hour of freezing in stand still we did a two minute warm up jog, stretched & were sent out on the marked course. I got to .5mi mark and felt good. Keep running! I did one quick fast walk for about 30 seconds and and made it all the way to the one mile turn around - running the whole way. At about 1.25 my right arch was hurting - not sure if it's the muscles or my sock bunched up... keep going. I traded jog & walk until 1.5 miles then made the push. I ran the final .5miles! YAY - two miles!

There was a snack station set up at the finish line, grabed 1/2 banana & PBJ s'wich and headed home. We stopped at Peet's for the electrolyte boost of coffee.

I feel OK. My right hip is a bit tight due to an old muscle pull. I need to figure out what to do with that. My feet are OK. My legs feel like they've had a good work out but they aren't too bad.

We'll see how they feel after a day. Maybe tomorrow I'll be in crippling pain! But for now I think I can do this.

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