Monday, February 12, 2007

Week Two - Still Strong

Yesterday marked the start of week two and I still feel pretty good. We had a 2-4 mile group run followed by "Run University" a rotation of four classes taught by a registered dietitian, a chiroprator specializing in sports injury prevention, a podiatrist (did you know that there are 125K sweat glands in your foot?) and two ultra marathon runners educating us on the products available to make it through a marathon (this truely is a million dollar industry).

I have been managing 2 mile runs at a comfortable pace and avoiding major injries or day after pain. I suppose the extremely sore muscles will join me soon enough. I will have to start pushing through the misery. Right now as an "off the coucher" they want me to go slow & short distances. I fear the day they suggest an extra mile.

On Friday night I purchased a "home gym" product - a DVD with exercise bands to do core & upper body strengthening. I figure this $25 investment will work and save me the monthly gym fees of $60-100.

Thanks to all for your continued interest, suppor (emotional & financial). I am just over the 50% mark for my fundraising minimum (at 25% of personal goal).

PS: I've lost 5lb without really trying.


RedBullMom said...

I want to lose 5 lbs without trying! Out of curiosity, what kind of running shoes do you have?

SDCrawford said...

I have Asics 2110 - a stability shoe since I pronate a bit. I like these because they have a wider toe box & the tops are very airy mesh. It's amazing what you learn about your feet if you go to a running shoe store as opposed to a sporting goods store.

Elizabeth said...

5 pounds, that is awesome. Somehow I seem to gain weight when I train - yikes! Since I am going out of town next weekend, the Sat of our long run, I will be doing my 12 miles tomorrow in prep for Sacramento's Mar 11 Shamrockin 1/2. I'm telling you, you never feel like you are ready but when you put the work in you make to the finish. Happy training!