Thursday, February 8, 2007

Running Makes for Good Sleep

I slept like a rock following the buddy run. I didn't know I could sleep better or more but apparently after a run I can! I could get used to that.

This morning we had our first "wow, 5AM is early" track workout with the professional coach. I learned about proper form & rhythmn. Apparently you only need good rhythmn to finish this crazy thing. We'll continue to meet weekly at this insane hour of dark o'clock to learn & run (and run run run).

Each time we gather for offical group runs or training sessions we spend a moment in silence remembering all the honorees - a moment that reminds me of why I'm doing this. Then we have a "shout out" and call the names of the people we honor, a cheer to inspire us and yell our team motto: Team Flame... we're sizzling hot! Sounds cheesy I know but it has a story.

Coach Al carried the Olympic flame - it's important to carry the flame, not the torch. The flame that is inspirational and a unifing image that spans the globe and crosses cultures. The sizzling hot bit was added by Vanessa, the 7 yr old honoree. Who's going to deny that!

I'm feeling good physically. My fundraising minimum is almost to 50% - THANK YOU to all my supporters. A few of you have already sent me the names of your family & friends and asked me to run in honor of them as well. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

Friday is the day of RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. I get the day off! Phew.

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