Sunday, February 4, 2007

Day 2 - ouch?

The blister is mostly gone. I woke up to some sore thigh & hip muscles. Not as bad as I expected so this is good news.

I rode my stationary bike while watching the end of some stupid reality TV show I recorded. Hey it helps to pass the time. A bit of stretching, some breakfast and off to church I went.

I have chili simmering on the stove, furniture arranged for the throngs & Superbowl pre-game shows on the tube. Today will be a good day of rest.

Tomorrow I need to figure out how to do some strength training at home since I don't belong to a gym.

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elizabeth said...

Hey Sarah - I will totally support you. I know you are going to do great! Listen to your coaches and stick to the schedule. They know what they are doing.

I'm getting ready for a 1/2 in March and then another in May so I am right there with you.

Take care and get some bodyglide. Use it on your feet where you are prone to blisters and anywhere else that gets irritated when you run.

RedBullMom said...

If I could embed sound here, you'd hear me clapping. So awesome what you're doing. Keep it up! I will be a loyal blog reader/commenter. And, when the 15th rolls around, I will donate too. :)